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About us

Illban Remedies holds an experience of 30 years in providing complete and synergic herbal solutions. In this world where people are more health conscious and are opting for a natural way of attaining good health, we aim to provide the best for them and to create an awareness of the same among those who are negligent of good health.


GMP certified. We take proactive steps to ensure that our products are safe, pure and effective. Our products and processes continually meet the rigorous certification requirements of National GMP Standards as per the norms of World Health Organization for purity and quality and we operate our facilities in a "Clean Room Environment”. The plant has incorporated modern technology and balancing equipments so as to ensure quality and cost effective production. Separate facilities exist for manufacturing traditional and patent products.

Our History

Ever since its establishment in the year 1978, Illban Remedies steadily progressed towards becoming one of the well-established Manufacturer and Exporter of Ayurvedic and Herbal Food Supplements. Illban has a proud history of delivering exceptional results.

Our Strategy

To provide high quality, complementary health-care with an emphasis on individual care and attention. Illban through strict R&D measures provides scientifically validated purification therapies that relax the mind and revitalize the body by releasing stresses, toxins, imbalances and impurities. All our products are made out of pure Indian Herbs. Illban has a separate raw drug division to procure, preprocess and preserve.  Proper scientific techniques are employed to identify and ensure quality of the Raw Materials in their selection, preprocessing and storage. Illban maintains stringent test standards and quality control measures for the evaluation of each product, with toxicology and pharmacology studies done by eminent researchers in the field.

Our main perspective is to provide our health care in untapped national and international markets and thereby establish globally by leveraging on our rich experience and knowledge base in natural health care products, and by far we have achieved this goal to a good limit.

We are constantly endeavoring to find out new natural cures for various human illnesses and conditions. The scientists involved in the research have cutting edge research skills. This combined with our high quality analysis equipment, help in giving us a competitive edge in finding new solutions. The philosophy of continuous research has paid off handsomely.

Our Market

We have built a strong and full-fledged domestic market, also have been well accepted Internationally. We have been exporting our products to Middle East, European Union, United States, Asia and African countries.

Competitive Strength

We are best known for consistent quality and continually high standards of service and for our extremely competitive pricing.

Contract Manufacturing (Neutral Labeling)

Monitor and optimize timeless of our delivery and keep it up to our customer satisfaction.

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